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Enlightened Beauty proudly carries the best available products for your skin and lifestyle.
We use Lira Clinical skincare products for all of our services and carry several other product lines you’ll love.

Glow For A Cause

Glow for a cause

GLOW for a cause, beauty that gives back.  Their products are made of the finest ingredients and all scents have been created to be as unique as the person who loves them.  You can feel great about the luxurious products you are purchasing and know that you are doing your part in helping to make the world a bit more beautiful. 5% of every purchase gives back to charity!

Lira Clinical

lira clinical

Lira Clinical is formulated by an international team of experienced aesthetic, medical & scientific professionals. They use cutting edge & quality ingredients to generate remarkable results. All Lira Clinical research + development, products, and packaging are proudly manufactured in the USA.  Lira Clinical prides itself in being a cruelty-free company. I feel Lira is the best in the aesthetic game and offers my client the most incredible results when used in treatments and home care.

Kris Nations Jewelry

kris nations jewelry

Kris and Kim Nations both share the same unique, free-spirited sense of style - equal parts sophisticated and bohemian, with a little vintage inspiration thrown into the mix. The two created an original line of eclectic jewelry that will make any woman feel a bit more powerful when they put these metals on.

The Ritual

the ritual

The Ritual was created, through the awakening of divine spiritual divinity, love of nature, moon magick and invoking the light. Using light energy to offer High Vibrational Smudges, Ritual kits, Crystals, Goddess Beauty, Potions,  and herbal incense to be used as vibrational medicine for the soul . Krystal’s mission is to create sacred spaces and harmony within to allow healing, cleansing, enlightenment, abundance, connection to higher self and above all love into life. All Ritual Smudges are hand crafted, blessed with love and light in a beautiful Ritual Ceremony. Every Enlightened Beauty needs a little magic to take home.

Axiology Lip Colors


Axiology is a cosmetics brand with a bold, brave take on beauty: they believe that kissable lips are sexiest with a vegan, all-natural product—and that nobody needs to sacrifice their values to feel gorgeous. Axiology carefully crafts their replenishing formula from a harmonious blend of natural and organic ingredients.



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